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With Brush and Pen - Mandala Mantra Online Class March 27

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With Brush and Pen - Mandala Mantra Online Class
Sunday, March 27, 10-12:30pm MT
Lexis Krieg
Limit: 15 students. Includes class kit + shipping
To receive your kit in time for class, register by March 20.

Watercolor artist and graphic designer Lexis Krieg has combined mandalas and mantras to create a meaningful and joyous design of colorful brush and pen marks. A mandala is a circle whose central area is surrounded by symbols and shapes that represent the universe or life’s journey. It’s the spiritual focus of rituals in many cultures. A mantra is a word said repeatedly in meditation to aid concentration. The combination of the two makes for a personal and meaningful piece of art. This class is about uncovering your personal mantra and then painting it as a visual reminder of what’s most important to your heart. Lexis leads you in a short recorded meditation to prime your mind to create. You’ll let go of the world around you, align your thoughts with your inner self, and listen to the wisdom hidden within. After the meditation, Lexis coaches you in creating a mandala to represent what you discover. Lexis says that her own mandalas represent her core inner life. “It’s a process to create, and the imperfections create a whole beautiful composition that is forever expanding.”

Lexis sends out simple pre-class exercises on making different marks with a brush and a pen so that class time can be focused on actively creating. During class she briefly discusses color and harmony, then works alongside everyone while commenting and giving suggestions. You’ll spend time layering watercolors, adding decorative pen lines to enhance the composition, and finally writing your personal mantra in the center. Display your finished piece prominently as a constant, subliminal reminder of what’s most important.

This class is rich in technique and design, but its true value lies in connecting you to your inner creative self. Students from her previous classes say that identifying the word or phrase for the mantra is a key part of the experience.

This online class will be recorded and made available to class participants for 10 days after the class.

Class Materials

Please bring the following materials:

  • Two containers for water
  • A rag or paper towels
  • A set of watercolors with at least 10 different colors. Results are better with student grade pan or tube paints. Some basic sets that work are Ooly Lil Pods ($), Prang Oval Watercolor Set ($), Cotman Water Colour Sketcher's Pocket Box ($$), Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Travel Kit ($$), and Prima Watercolor Confections sets ($$).
  • Optional: small spray bottle of water for wetting your watercolors
  • Optional: hair dryer to speed up the drying process
  • Optional: additional pens in colors besides black to doodle with. Lexis suggests InkJoy Gel & Sakura Gelly Roll since they work well on the watercolors.
  • Optional: journal or blank paper for making notes after your meditation

Class Kit Includes: 

  • Hot press watercolor paper
  • Small pieces of the same watercolor paper to practice on
  • One 10 or 12 Round Brush and one ½” Angular Shader brush
  • Black Pen - Zig Memory System Writer Dual Tip
  • White Gelly Roll pen
  • White Posca Paint Pen
  • Masking tape

We ship class kits approximately 2 weeks before the class via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number (check your spam folder) once your kit ships. Kits can only be shipped within the USA. If you’re outside the USA and would like to take the class, please contact us for information.

Zoom Info

Be sure to look for an email with class details sent out the Monday before the class. The email includes a Zoom link to login, the class agenda, a materials list, and information on any pre-class prep. You’ll also receive a reminder email the day before the class. If you don’t see the class email from us check your spam folder. No email? Double check the email address you entered when you registered. It's on your order confirmation. If there's still an issue, contact

Class Refund/Cancellation Policy

For cancellation made 3 weeks before class we can either issue a refund or apply the funds to another class. We deduct the price of the class kit plus shipping if we’ve already shipped the kit, and we retain a $10 processing fee for EACH class cancelled. If you cancel fewer than 3 weeks before the class there is no refund or credit. If Two Hands Paperie cancels a class, we’ll contact you by email and refund the FULL class fee.

Instructor Bio

Lexis Krieg is the artist, illustrator, and designer behind Lexisworks, a business she started in 2008 as an outlet for her personal creativity. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t making something. She took every art class in high school, then left to study art at Minnesota State University Moorhead. While there Lexis fell in love with graphic design and, as she explains, decided to leave the “real art" to “artists.” She worked as a graphic designer for a while but, after being laid off twice, she ended up growing her freelance business to satisfy her creativity and her urge to create with her own hands.

Her background in graphic design shines through the art she creates now: custom murals, surface patterns, illustrations, hand lettering, and mixed media paintings. No surprise that her studio is stuffed with vintage papers, tubes of paint, containers full of brushes and pens, old sketchbooks, glue, and a collection of materials for her daughters to create with. She’s decided she is an artist after all, and enjoys teaching workshops as a way to help others discover their own creative talents.

When people ask Lexis where she’s from she takes a deep breath and recites: “Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and now Colorado.” (Somewhere in there she managed to live in England for a while.) Colorful Colorado became her home almost 15 years ago, and she’s been inspired by the Rocky Mountains ever since. Lexis takes any opportunity she can to get out and explore the Colorado landscape with her husband Bear, their two daughters, and their dog, Jackson.

See more Lexis' work on her website and on instagram @lexisworks.