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THP 2023 Limited Edition Pencil Pack- set of 7

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2023 Limited Edition Pencil Pack 
 7 Pencils- For the Artist, Writer & Note Taker
Curated for National Pencil Day- March 30, 2023

Packed in a string and button kraft envelope with pencil testing sheet and detailed information about each pencil, along with fun facts about pencils and related supplies.

Pencil Pack contains one each of the following:

  • Caran D’ache Technalo RGB (3B)
  • Custom Stamped Pencil- ‘Batteries Not Required’ (#2)
  • Kita-Boshi Natural Wood Triangle Pencil (B)
  • Faber Castell Oil-Based Pencil
  • Woodless Hand-Rolled Decorative Paper Pencil (2B)
  • PRISMACOLOR Metallic Pencil (Silver or Gold)
  • Surprise Pencil- Limited Edition (not shown)
Happy Pencil Day!

Pencil Descriptions

Caran Dache Technalo RGB (3B)
Named for the digital coding system, the Technalo RGB is a combination of artist grade graphite tinted with water soluble color (red, green, or blue). A great accompaniment to the urban sketcher, monochrome studies or shadow work. Make your mark and don’t forget to add water.

Custom Stamped Pencil- ‘Batteries Not Required’ (#2)
Our good friend Tracy Bryce from NY first visited THP in 2022 with her collection of USA made Musgrave pencils and stamping machine in tow! Since that first meeting we have had several custom pencils made and they have become some of our favorites! What would you put on a pencil? Visit Tracy’s website to place a custom order:

Kita-Boshi Natural Wood Triangle Pencil (B)
The triangular pencil is made of premium cedar, with an ergonomic shape that aids in stability for young hands and those interested in practicing their handwriting. Larger pencil sharpener is required.

Faber Castell Oil-Based Pencil
This beauty is smudge-proof and water resistant; a great option to use under watercolor washes. Ideal uses would be fine detail work, outlines and contour drawing. Try pairing this with the Technalo RGB to mix textures and layers.

Woodless Hand-Rolled Decorative Paper Pencil (2B)
Taking 2B lead, which is first rolled in newspaper, then decorated with handmade paper scraps from previous book binding projects, our friend Kristen Law Lewis from Papercuts Press (@papercutspress) is elevating these pencils from ordinary to extraordinary. Sharpen normally, and use for art or writing.

PRISMACOLOR Metallic Pencil (Silver or Gold)
The metallic pencil in your pack is a fun and intentionally frivolous addition to any pencil pouch. Use on black or other colored papers, or as a highlight or embellishment.

Surprise Pencil- Limited Edition (not pictured)
Sought after by connoisseurs for years as an elusive cult favorite, today this pencil has been given a second chance and now has variations in lead weight, style, and collectability. Use the search bar on our website to learn about the specific pencil in your pack.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pencil Day Pencil Pack!

I’ve been buying the Pencil Pack for three years now! I love how thoughtfully curated they are. I can’t wait for next year ❤️

Susan Crane

I loved this selection of unique pencils, even the packaging of the order was charming and thoughtful, though I would expect nothing less from my favorite shop on Earth!!!

Diana Gabriella
Fun set

This is the first time I've heard of and taken part in the Pencil Packs. Loved all the different pencils and had a good time trying out all of them

Everything is Outstanding

The pencils are beautiful. The packaging is unique.