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Classic Calligraphy – The Pointed Pen Class NEW! Online Class Oct 22

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Classic Calligraphy – The Pointed Pen NEW! Online Class
Saturday, October 22, Noon-3pm MT
Instructor: Megan Goodenough
Limit: 12 students. Includes class kit + shipping
To receive your kit in time for the class, register by Oct 15.

Classic calligraphy can generally be divided into two types of styles: those written with a broad-edge pen and those written with a pointed pen. (Think medieval scribes in monasteries versus European clerks in merchant houses during the 1600-1800s.) This class with calligrapher Megan Goodenough focuses on the pointed pen. With it, thick and thin pen strokes are created by varying the pressure on the nib instead of lifting it off the paper, and writing is faster. This class is a companion to Megan’s Classic Calligraphy –The Broad Edge Pen and can be taken with it to provide a well rounded introduction to classic calligraphy.

Megan starts by covering the basics: mixing ink, preparing a nib, and which tools are well suited to the beginning calligrapher. She then focuses on pointed pen calligraphy by providing practice sheets that illustrate an alphabet inspired by the popular Spencerian and Copperplate scripts. If you learned cursive in school, the characters will look familiar. Both scripts lend themselves to fanciful swirls and swoops of the pen, and Megan demonstrates a few simple flourishing techniques for fun. We say go for it! An important part of the class is understanding how to create a visual rhythm with the way letters are connected and how to manage the spacing between letters and words. The effect is subtle but it’s these nuances that elevate nice writing into truly beautiful writing. 

At the end of class use what you’ve learned to write a favorite phrase or haiku on an Italian note card that’s suitable for framing or mailing. You’ll leave class with a solid foundation in classic calligraphy and a good idea of where to take your writing next. 

Note: Megan has created several short videos (about 5 minutes each) for you to watch before class. One is a tour of the calligraphy studio in England where she has apprenticed for the last five years, and the others cover ink grinding, nib preparation, and nib use.

This online class will be recorded and made available to class participants for 10 days after the class.

Class Materials

Please bring the following materials:

  • Paper for practice - something that takes ink well
  • A small potato, or a piece of one (We know – weird, right?!)
  • Measuring spoon - ⅛ tsp
  • Small jar, preferably with a lid, about 1 oz (like single-serving restaurant jam jars)
  • Small glass of water for rinsing the nib
  • Paper towel
  • Optional: a 6-12” ruler
  • Optional: a favorite short phrase or haiku. Megan will also have some examples.

Class Kit Includes:

  • Paper sampler packet + note cards & envelopes
  • Blackwing pencil + eraser
  • Walnut crystals for mixing ink
  • Straight pen holder + multiple nibs

We ship class kits approximately 2 weeks before the class via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number (check your spam folder) once your kit ships. Kits can only be shipped within the USA. If you’re outside the USA and would like to take the class, please contact us for information.

Zoom Info

Be sure to look for an email with class details sent out the Monday before the class. The email includes a Zoom link to login, the class agenda, a materials list, and information on any pre-class prep. You’ll also receive a reminder email the day before the class. If you don’t see the class email from us check your spam folder. No email? Double check the email address you entered when you registered. It's on your order confirmation. If there's still an issue, contact

Class Refund/Cancellation Policy

For cancellation made 3 weeks before class we can either issue a refund or apply the funds to another class. We deduct the price of the class kit plus shipping if we’ve already shipped the kit, and we retain a $10 processing fee for EACH class cancelled. If you cancel fewer than 3 weeks before the class there is no refund or credit. If Two Hands Paperie cancels a class, we’ll contact you by email and refund the FULL class fee.

Instructor Bio

Megan Goodenough has loved alphabets her whole life, whether in calligraphy, books, illuminations, illustrations, or paintings. Her earliest art memory is of practicing handwriting while listening to her mom's Buddhist chanting group. Megan's love of combining art and spirit was born and, at the age of seven, she declared, "I want to be a scribe!" No wonder she was particularly drawn to Illuminated Manuscripts when she later studied art history. Illuminated Manuscripts, which are an art form found in almost every culture, consist of scared words, illustrations emoting those words, and an application of gold to literally illuminate, or to bring light to, the page and reader. Megan studied fine arts at university but it took her a while to find the training she longed for. She finally discovered it in workshops and lessons provided through old school guilds devoted to calligraphic and illuminated art. Nothing else satisfied her desire to integrate art, science, and spirit. Megan continues to take courses, study, practice, sew books, draw, and paint. "I especially love focusing on the detail work - the curve of a letter, a single stitch, a vein in a leaf. . . It basically comes down to a deep love of the arts, the written word, and books! We all have to champion something, so I guess for me it's the letter A." Learn more about Megan's work and her philosophy at


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