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Night Sectional Globe

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Night Sectional Globe
The Night Sectional Globe looks as good in the dark as it does in the light. This globe, made of sturdy paper, glows in the dark! The florescent ink stores energy from sunlight to show what the globe looks like from space at night. Notice how the urban centers glow more brightly than the more rural areas of the world. The Night Sectional Globe is accurate recreation of the world at night. It also features blue and black coloring to be observed in the light. Parts of the world are labeled in white in two languages: English on one side and Japanese on the other side. The Night Globe is structured with an interior core and the outer surface. The "core-parts" are also labeled with the internal construction of the earth. You can assemble the globe without glue or scissors in a mere 15 minutes. It rests at the actual 23.4 degree tilt of the earth when assembled. The diameter measures approximately eight inches when assembled. The Night Sectional Globe is suitable for older children. Recreate an Astronaut's view at night with the Night Sectional Globe.