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Ornamental Watercolor In-Store Class Sept 10

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Ornamental Watercolor In-Store Class
Sunday, September 10, 1-4:30pm 
Lexis Krieg
Limit: 6 students. All participants must be 15 years or older.

Class Details:

Dive into the magical medium of watercolor! This class is led by Lexis Krieg, a Denver-based artist who’s known for her joyful, vibrant colors and intricate linework. Both are evident in her class samples, which remind us of exotic ornamental tiles. With their layers and layers of color and interlocking pen patterns, it’s hard to parse out exactly how she created them. Though they look visually complex, they’re simple to do one layer at a time.  

Lexis starts by providing an overview of color theory and discussing the benefits of working in warm and cool colors separately. To help you recognize what makes a completed painting, she also covers the elements of design. The guiding principle for this class is “What would happen if I do this …?” Lexis encourages lots of experimentation!

You’ll paint on two separate sheets of watercolor paper so that one sheet has time to dry while you work on the other. Painting a cool layer followed by a warm layer, then vice versa, is designed to help you understand your own feelings on color choices. See how a complex design is built up by laying down simple brush strokes on a grid, and explore how brushes can make a variety of marks to add contrast. Then add an additional layer of detailed pen work to experience how it creates more interest and depth. 

We really like how Lexis offers a process with skills and tools that can be used to develop a personal style. She’d love to see what you create! There is some optional pre-class work, which should take no more than thirty minutes. See the Materials List for more information.

COVID Safety
Due to the limited size of the classroom, social distancing will not be possible. Attendees of the class are welcome to wear masks. Help keep community members and our staff safe, please do not attend the class if you are feeling sick. Please contact ahead of time if you have specific questions regarding class covid safety.

Class Materials

Please bring the following materials:

  • Optional, but useful (needed for the optional pre-class exercises): A basic set of watercolors with a selection of warm (red, orange, yellow, pink) and cool (purple, blue, green, teal) colors. Results are better with at least student grade pan or tube paints. The OOLY Lil’ Pods Watercolor set ($), Raphael Watercolor Pan Travel Set ($$), or Prima Confections Watercolor Pans ($$) are inexpensive but nice sets. A set of only 10 or 12 colors is fine. 
  • Optional: small spray bottle of water for wetting your watercolors.

The class includes a 6 round brush and a ½” flat brush for you to keep.

    Class Materials Include:

    • Basic watercolor set for use in class
    • Hot press watercolor paper
    • Masking tape, water, water containers, paper towels etc
    • 2 watercolor brushes, a Fudenouske Black Pen and Posca paint pen pen for you to keep

    Class Refund/Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations made up to 14 days prior to the first class meeting will be refunded or, at the participant's option, used to pay for another class. Two Hands Paperie will retain a $10 processing fee for EACH class cancelled by a participant. After 14 days, there is no refund or credit. In addition, the fee for a class cancelled within this 14-day timeframe by a participant cannot be transferred to pay for another class. These policies are to ensure that teachers are compensated for their investment in materials and in time spent preparing for the class. We reserve the right to cancel a class if fewer than 3 students enroll 48 hours prior to the scheduled class time. If for any reason Two Hands Paperie cancels a class, students will be called at the phone number on file and refunded the FULL class fee.

    Instructor Bio

    Lexis Krieg is the artist, illustrator, and designer behind Lexisworks, a business she started in 2008 as an outlet for her personal creativity. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t making something. She took every art class in high school, then left to study art at Minnesota State University Moorhead. While there Lexis fell in love with graphic design and, as she explains, decided to leave the “real art" to “artists.” She worked as a graphic designer for a while but, after being laid off twice, she ended up growing her freelance business to satisfy her creativity and her urge to create with her own hands.

    Her background in graphic design shines through the art she creates now: custom murals, surface patterns, illustrations, hand lettering, and mixed media paintings. No surprise that her studio is stuffed with vintage papers, tubes of paint, containers full of brushes and pens, old sketchbooks, glue, and a collection of materials for her daughters to create with. She’s decided she is an artist after all, and enjoys teaching workshops as a way to help others discover their own creative talents.

    When people ask Lexis where she’s from she takes a deep breath and recites: “Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and now Colorado.” (Somewhere in there she managed to live in England for a while.) Colorful Colorado became her home almost 15 years ago, and she’s been inspired by the Rocky Mountains ever since. Lexis takes any opportunity she can to get out and explore the Colorado landscape with her husband Bear, their two daughters, and their dog, Jackson.

    See more Lexis' work on her website and on instagram @lexisworks.


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