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Traveler's Notebook Collage examples by Charity Theiss

An Artifact That Grows with Me - Exploring the TRAVELER'S Notebook w/ Charity Theiss

Charity Rose Thessis holdingTRAVELER'S Company notebook collectionMeet Charity Rose Theiss- photographer, artist and avid TRAVELER'S Notebook (TN) user. We are always so inspired when she shares her notebooks with us at Two Hands Paperie and we thought you might be interested in hearing her story and how she uses this versatile notebook system.

How and when did you first discover TRAVELER'S Company notebooks? My Traveler’s Company notebook adventure actually began at Two Hands Paperie. I had been admiring the Traveler’s system for a while, but it seemed expensive and I wanted to make sure I would actually use it before I made the investment. I started following TN users on Instagram and really fell in love with the size and the style. Before long, I just decided to go for it. My first TN was the limited edition Olive I bought in May 2017.

Traveler's Notebook collection displayed on a shelf
What qualities do you find in the TN experience that are unique to using this notebook system? I love the switchable inserts. I get tired of notebooks before I finish them, and this was the perfect solution for me. I also love that TRAVELER'S Company makes several different styles of inserts with different types of papers. I never knew how much I loved the feel of good paper. I also really love the size. Both the passport and the standard sizes fit nicely into my bags and they expand (a little) to hold all the little papers I collect throughout the day (and on trips).

How many notebooks do you own and what size? I actually ended up buying all of the colors except for the camel passport. I feel like I’m saving that one for something special.

Traveler's Notebook Regular SizeTraveler's Notebook Passport Size
I get attached to the notebook I bring with me on trips, so I ended up keeping the insert and papers in the cover. It feels wrong to separate them somehow. Getting a new cover is almost part of the travel process for me at this point.

How have you tailored the TN to your own needs? Do you customize your notebook(s) or make your own refills? I’ve been experimenting with making my own refills. I love to play with different papers and styles. For instance I made an accordion passport insert a year before they released the  Limited Edition Accordion Fold Paper Refill B-Sides & Rarities insert.

Accordion fold book with mushroom collage

What is your favorite TN refill and why? My absolute favorite insert is the TRAVELER'S notebook 20** Diary Weekly + Memo.  I love keeping track of my year though small collages and writing. It’s become therapeutic to go through it as I reflect on the year.

Collage example in celebration of St. Patrick's Day

Traveler's notebook refills

I use the TRAVELER'S notebook 001 Lined Notebook as my daily journal. And for trips I use...

TRAVELER'S notebook 014 Kraft Paper Notebook – The color is so warm and makes the perfect backdrop for pictures and ephemera.
TRAVELER'S notebook 026 Dot Grid – The dot grid is very light and I’m a sucker for guidelines because nothing makes me more upset than a crooked picture.
What would you say to someone just learning about TN who has never used one, but is curious? I would tell them to go into Two Hands Paperie and touch one. Does it feel good in your hands? Can you fit it into your everyday bag? I am very attached to my TN and I don’t really like leaving the house without it. It’s an artifact that grows with me. The best way to know if you will like it (after touching it) is to get one and try it out! It can literally be used for anything.

What additional non-TN related supplies do you own that you use on a regular basis with your Traveler's Notebook(s)?
I love pens and pencils, so having a good little pencil bag is essential. I love the DELFONICS Inner Carrying pouch. I also love fountain pens, and the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen is so cute and compact. Blackwing pencils are essential for a quick sketch, but I love my mechanical pencil .5 led for adding appointments to my calendar.

Creative supplies- pens, washi tape, scissors, stickers

Le Pens are by far my favorite pens for my daily journal. I have every color that is sold because some days I really feel like I must write in amethyst other days Spring Green is more my style.

Collages in the Traveler's Notebook

Also, Mildliners – I love a good highlighter

Baron Fig Squire Click Ballpoint Pen – I know ballpoint pen? But it's so useful for quick notes and it's so smooth!

I always have a good pair of scissors, A date stamp, and glue sticks in my bag as well.

Inspired? Follow Charity on Instagram @charitytheiss to learn more about her creative journey or explore for yourself- click HERE.

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