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Traveler's Notebook Starter Kit-Regular Size- Camel

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The Camel Colored Regular Size  Traveler’s Notebook is here to stay! Traveler's Notebook enthusiasts may remember the camel color limited editions released for the 5th Anniversary of the Traveler's Notebook and in a previous collaboration with Star Ferry. The Camel Limited Editions were so popular, TN decided to add them to the regular line and we are excited about it! The lush camel colored leather shows the most variation between each notebook, making each one feel even more unique. Further character is added to the notebook through use because the light leather will change in texture and look. Even scratches in the leather can mark memories you had with your Traveler's Notebook.

We love the Traveler's Notebook at Two Hands Paperie. The starter kit features a camel leather cover, a blank notebook refill, a spare rubber band, and a cotton case. The camel leather made by hand, like all Traveler's Notebook covers, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The vegetable tanned leather cover measures approximately 8.5 by 4.5 inches, when closed. The refills are made in Japan, using Midori's high quality MD paper. Additional notebook refills and accessories allow you to customize your notebook to fit your needs! Add a pen clip or zippered pocket to bring all you need on the go. Fill with grid paper refill for list making or sketch paper refill for drawing anywhere. See our abundant selection of refills and accessories for more details. Check out our Pinterest for more images Traveler's Notebooks.
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