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Creativebug Classes

This past spring we collaborated with Creativebug and recorded 5 classes in their studio. The first class was released in May 2023 with more to come....

Creativebug is an online creative community offering unlimited access to thousands of online art and craft classes. Watch classes anytime, anywhere. Since classes never expire, you can start and stop projects at your own pace.
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Make Paper Pajaki Chandeliers Class
Take this class for FREE- through December 2023!

Pajaki class sample grid

A pajak (pronounced pie-yonk) is a traditional Polish chandelier dating back to the 18th century made of paper and rye straw. Women made them to decorate the home to bring good health and prosperity. Mia Semingson, artist, book binder, and owner of Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado, shows you how to construct two styles of pajaki (pie-yon-kee). With the right measurements and a little math, you can make your pajak any size you wish. You'll also learn how to create a variety of festive and colorful paper decorations like fringe pom poms, paper cockades, and polish stars or hedgehog stars, as well as fun ways to combine them.

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