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Blackwing Matte Soft Drawing Pencil- 12 Pack

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Blackwing Matte Soft Drawing Pencil- 12 Pack

Blackwing Matte- formerly known simply as the "Blackwing" pencil, is still the same wonderful writing utensil.

Blackwing Pencils are legendary! The Blackwing are claimed by many to be the best drawing pencil in the world and they have the history to back it up. The pencils are well known for their quality of graphite, iconic shape, replaceable eraser, and the people who use them. Some of their most loyal users include John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones, the creator of Looney Toons. The Blackwing Soft & Smooth is meant for drawing and sketching. The Blackwing comes in a pack of 12 with one eraser per pencil. The erasers are replaceable and can be purchased separately in packs of 10.

The new Blackwing packaging is a long, square box with a lid that slips off. Perfect for storage and transport of your Blackwing pencils.

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