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Caran d'Ache Bicolor Pencil in Graphite and Yellow- Box of 12

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From the Caran d’Ache  editor’s pencil series, these are specially designed pencils for corrections, annotations and proofreading. The Graphicolor Fluorescent Yellow is a two-tone pencil with a HB graphite lead (roughly a No. 2 lead, but this lead feels a little harder in use) at one end and a fluorescent yellow lead at the other that can be used to  highlight and emphasize important information.  The ideal marking pencils for artists, proof readers, editors, teachers, architects, and pencil afficianados.

Comes pre-sharpened on both ends. Available as a single pencil or in a box of 12.

• Premium Graphicolor Fluorescent Yellow with Graphite
• Two-tone pencil - lead Ø 3 mm
• Superior quality HB graphite lead for annotations
• Fluorescent yellow permanent lead for underlining or highlighting
• Cedar wood FSC®
• Swiss Made

SKU 370.240-BOX/12