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Coccoina Mia Liquid Glue- 50 Gram Tube

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Coccoina Mia is a PVA glue suitable for use with paper, vinyl, fabric, and just about any craft project calling for a liquid white glue. It can be applied directly from the tube, or thinned and brushed on a variety of surfaces including paper, photographs, cardstock, and more. Perfect for use in your studio, a your travel art kit, or in your office. Made from non-toxic, solvent-free materials. If your project gets messy, the glue easily washes away with water. Coccoina Mia has the signature Coccoina almond scent. Coccoina Mia comes in a 50 gram tube measuring just under 6 inches in length, making it small enough to carry in your travel art supply bag. Coccoina glue sticks are sold separately in 10g and 20g tubes. Made in Italy.