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Crafting Straws- 50 Paper Straws per pack

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Paper Crafting Straws

These straws are perfect for making Pajakis, a traditional Polish folk craft. These fun and decorative Polish paper mobiles (often referred to as a chandelier) are typically made from straw and scrap paper. The literal translation of pajaki is "spiders of straw" and they traditionally symbolize a wish for good health and happiness. At Two Hands Paperie our Pajakis are made with paper straws, Felt Pom Poms, and Crepe Paper flowers.

Straws are made of paper which can be stained, dyed, painted, or wrapped in decorative paper to achieve a multitude of colors and textures in any craft project. Sold in packages of 50, straws are 7/32 inch in diameter and 10 1/2 inches long.

You can read more about making Pajakis in a blog post by Fran Meneley:
Pajaki is a traditional Polish paper chandelier made from straw and pieces of paper scraps. Our guest blogger, Fran Meneley, attended a Pajaki making class with Two Hands Paperie owner, Mia Semingson. Fran writes about her experience making these beautiful chandeliers and how it has inspired her to continue being creative. - See more at: Fran's blog post.