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Handmade Lokta Paper Garland- Frog

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Handmade Lokta Paper Garland- Frog
The Handmade Lokta Paper Frog Garland is made in Nepal from the decorative paper. This plain and patterned paper, called Lokta paper, is made using historic, traditional processes. Lokta paper is made from Daphne plant bark. The bark is collected while the plant is alive, so it can regrow. A women's cooperative uses the Lokta paper to hand cut each frog. The frogs are sewn together to form a garland that measures approximately 5 1/2 feet in length. Use this Handmade Lokta Paper Frog Garland to decorate or give as a gift.

Read more about Lokta papers in our blog post:
"Lokta paper is made from the bark of a Daphne bush, which grows exclusively at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. The inner bark provides extremely long fibers to create paper, which gives Lokta paper a very durable quality. To create the Lokta paper, the bark is striped from a living bush which not only helps the bush to grow, but the bark completely regenerates in six to seven years. (A truly eco-friendly paper!) The inner bark is cooked, beaten down into a wet pulp, and scooped up into paper molds. Color is added to the paper through natural bark and flower based dyes, and this paper never touches chemicals or bleaches. Not only is Lokta paper hand pulled, it is also hand-dyed, hand screen printed, and batiked (stamped with wax) making every sheet unique in color and weight."

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