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Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea Italian Incense Paper

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The “historical” booklet of Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea) has remained unaltered since 1927. It consists of 24 strips ready to be burned, soaked in aromatic essence composed of natural and pure essential oils and resins.

This little booklet of incense paper strips is similar to Papier d’Arménie, the fragrance is just as exquisite, but to our olfactory senses slightly stronger. We often cut the strips in half (preserving the length) for a lighter fragrance and shorter burn time. Another difference is the pleasant sizzle sound as the incense paper burns and perfumes your space.

Available in two fragrances:

  • Yellow-the original formula dates back to 1927 and combines 30 essential oils, resins, and musks.
  • Blue is based on cedarwood with touches of vanilla, patchouli and resins
  • 24 paper incense strips per booklet
  • Made in Italy

How to use:
Tear out a strip, fold it into a fan or concertina (accordion) pattern, and place it in a burner or other container such as an ashtray. Light one end of the paper and it will begin to smolder, gently emitting an incredible fragrance that is based on a traditional recipe of resins that will lightly fragrance the air.