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Musgrave Choo-Choo 8500- Single Pencil or Bundle of 12

Musgrave Choo Choo 8500
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The Musgrave Choo-Choo Pencil is an oversized, round pencil with gold ferrule and pink eraser. Body color is yellow with shimmering metallic blue imprint. With an oversize core, this pencil will stay sharpened and withstand the trials of those learning to write. A great first pencil  for kids, or as an everyday (FUN!) pencil on your desk. 

Musgrave Pencils have been made in Shelbyville, Tennessee- "The Pencil City"- since 1916.  The family owned business continues to make high quality, American made pencils.

Comes unsharpened. Available as a single pencil or in a bundle of 12 (not boxed).