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Pomegranate Claude Monet "Japanese Footbridge"1000 Piece Puzzle

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Monet's garden at Giverny had immense influence on his works. In the last decades of his life, his prized water garden and the footbridge he built over it became his most important subject. He began construction of the water garden as soon as he moved to Giverny, petitioning local authorities to divert water from the nearby river. Monet remade the landscape with the same artifice he applied to his paintings and eventually used is as his creative focus. "The Japanese Footbridge" was painted in 1899. This oil on canvas work measures 81.3 by 101.6 cm.

The reflective surface of the pond unified his canvases. The sky has already disappeared from this painting and the foliage rises all the way to the horizon and space is flattened by the decorative arch of the bridge, which focuses the viewer's attention. In later lily pond paintings, even more of the setting will evaporate, and the water’s surface alone will occupy the entire canvas. Floating lily pads and mirrored reflections assume equal stature, blurring distinctions between solid objects and transitory effects of light.

Finished Puzzle Size: 25 x 20 in.
Box size: 10 x 13 x 1⅞ in.
Pomegranate Item Number AA380
Published with the National Gallery of Art, Washington


SKU 9780764940446