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Rite in the Rain Field-Flex Universal Field Book- Yellow- 4 5/8x 7 1/4"

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Rite in the Rain Field-Flex Field Books are flexible, perfect for keeping in your pack. The Field Books are "go-anywhere, anytime, in any weather". This side-bound notebook has 64 sheets (128 pages) with the "universal pattern"- 1/4 inch rules with a faint 1/4 inch grid. The Universal Field Books have a no-glare finsih with universal pattern on white. The Field book measures 4 5/8x 7 1/4". Use a ballpoint pen or pencil for notetaking in any environment. If you are looking for a durable, waterproof, near-indestructible field notebook, then look no further. Give one a try- take some notes, then take it in the shower and see how it fares. You'll be surprised!

One of our recent blog posts relates how, for someone who really needs a solid field notebook, Rite in the Rain products just can't be beat:

"Rite in the Rain notebooks come in many different sizes and page formats, but I tend to use one of the originals- the 3 by 5 inch, spiral top notebook. It fits easily into any pocket and with its plastic cover, it is virtually indestructible. But the key feature that makes Rite in the Rain products so important to someone who spends a lot of time outdoors is that the pages are waterproof. I have swam with my notebooks, used them in monsoon rains where I have been soaked through, taken notes during archaeological fieldwork sessions in dripping Central American jungles, and used them for years while in the military. I cannot say enough about the quality and functionality of their products. "