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Solid Color Lokta Paper- Tangerine

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Lokta papers are made from sustainably harvested Daphne bushes. The plant is cut near its base and is ready for cutting again in a matter of months. All Loktas are handmade and dried in the sun, causing one side to be lighter than the other. Each sheet is unique in its color, the deckling of its edges, and thickness.

These sheets are handmade and each will have color and thickness variation as well as their own personal character!

Different computer monitors may also show colors differently.

Each sheet of Lokta measures approximately 20" x 30".

Use Lokta papers in bookbinding (endpapers, covers), collage, cardmaking, invitations, visual journaling, covering lampshades, envelopes and envelope liners, wall hanging, window covering, origami, and embellishing any number of projects. Lokta papers tear well after scoring with a bone folder, and are a favorite of paper and collage artists. The thickness and texture of the paper allows you to create a feeling of depth in your project. Color variation gives you the ability to create shading. Lokta paper takes printing well. We have seen Lokta paper cut down and letterpress printed, and even used in inkjet and laser printers (there are many different printers out there and we cannot guarantee that it will work in yours!)

Please note that paper is delicate, and therefore non-returnable! All paper is shipped rolled and well-packed in strong, triangular United States Postal Service tubes.

Read more about Lokta papers:

"Lokta paper is made from the bark of a Daphne bush, which grows exclusively at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. The inner bark provides extremely long fibers to create paper, which gives Lokta paper a very durable quality. To create the Lokta paper, the bark is striped from a living bush which not only helps the bush to grow, but the bark completely regenerates in six to seven years. (A truly eco-friendly paper!) The inner bark is cooked, beaten down into a wet pulp, and scooped up into paper molds. Color is added to the paper through natural bark and flower based dyes, and this paper never touches chemicals or bleaches. Have you ever noticed your Lokta paper is lighter in color on one side? That's because this paper is dried in the sunlight on the Nepalese mountainside! Not only is Lokta paper hand pulled, it is also hand-dyed, hand screen printed, and batiked (stamped with wax) making every sheet unique in color and weight."