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Tenor & Silky PIPEROID

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Tenor & Silky PIPEROID: Jazzman and His Cat
Sax player Tenor stands out with his unique hairstyle and loud laugh. But actually he is timid inside and always gets nervous before he goes on stage. He can calm himself down when he pets his cat, Silky, but the moody cat doesn't always allow him to do that. On those days, Tenor's performance on stage is as sad as it can get.

Create your own Japanese paper robot with PIPEROID. Each PIPEROID has its own story and is a toy and craft all in one. The robots are made of paper pipes with pre-cut holes and marks to cut, fold and connect without glue or tape. With scissors and minimal assembly you can bring your own PIPEROID to life. Explore our selection of PIPEROIDs and collect them all or give them as gifts.