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Zenith 548/E 2 Plier Stapler- "Aluminum"

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Zenith 548/E 2 Plier Stapler

The Zenith 548E/ 2 Plier Stapler comes in a silver finish. Zenith staplers are the ultimate heavy duty, all-metal craft stapler. And although they are strong and solid, they are easy to handle and manipulate, making even delicate stapling is a simple task.The Zenith 548 handheld plier stapler has an adjustable anvil. This allows you to send the legs of the staple inward, the way most desk top staplers operate, or with the twist of the anvil, outward. At Two Hands Paperie our primary use for the Zenith is in Pajaki making. Each stapler comes with one box of 1000, 4mm chisel point staples. Replacement staples come in boxes of 5000 and are available in 4mm and 6 mm lengths. Stapler holds 100 staples at a time. Made in Italy.