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Papier d'Arménie Terra Cotta Incense Burner

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This incense burner is made by Papier d'Arménie for use with their incense papers. Papier d'Arménie incense paper was created more than 120 years ago and is a respected and much-treasured part of Parisian life. These are famous fragranced paper booklets that have been hand soaked in a process that takes more than 6 months. They are very easy to use; one strip is enough to gently fragrance any indoor space.

Incense burner comes with one book of Tradition original scent incense (green book). 

  • incense paper booklet contains 36 detachable strips of perfumed incense paper
  • Made in France

 How to use:

Tear out a strip, fold it into a fan or concertina (accordion) pattern, and place it in a burner or other container such as an ashtray. Light one end of the paper and it will begin to smolder, gently emitting an incredible fragrance that is based on a traditional recipe of resins that will lightly fragrance the air.

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