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Rokusuke & Hachi PIPEROID

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Rokusuke & Hachi PIPEROID: Samurai and His Dog
Rokusuke is a Kabukimono- a member of a group of jobless samurai warriors, or ronin, who are known by their violent acts and exotic fashions. Since he is always full of energy, he often gets himself in trouble except when his dog Hachi, who he adores excessively, is with him. Rokusuke flaunts the sword that he carries at all times, but it's actually so long that he can't brandish it himself.

PIPEROID is a line of Japanese paper robots. Each PIPEROID has its own story. The robots are made of paper pipes with pre-made holes and marks to cut, fold and connect. With scissors, minimal assembly and no glue or tape you can construct your own PIPEROID. Perfect for a gift or activity for people of all ages. Collect them all!