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Fisher Bullet Space Pen- Lime Green

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The Fisher Bullet Lime Green Space Pen is made in the USA! This Pen features a lime green body that is all brass with a translucent finish and chrome nose tip. It comes with Fisher Pressurized PR4 black ink cartridge, in medium point. This is Fisher's standard 3 1/2 inch long ball point (oil based) cartridge that fits most of their pens. The cartridge has oil based ink with an excellent shelf life and writes upside down, under water, and in zero gravity. When open the pen measures 5.25 inches long, closed measurement is 3.75 inches long. Cap slides on and off, offering a well balanced pen when posted on the end of the pen for writing. Does not have a clip. Packaged in Moonscape Box with decorative sleeve that is perfect for gifts.

This classic pen was designed by Paul Fisher in 1948. The "write out" for the cartridge is approximately 15,000 feet depending on writing style- this means you can draw a line approximately 15,000 feet long with the ink in one cartridge! This is as much as 3 times the "write out" of a standard ball point cartridge. For comparison, the typical "write out" of a roller ball (water based) cartridge is about half that of a standard ball point cartridge. This is the perfect pen for Rite in the Rain waterproof notebooks.