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Pomegranate Charley Harper "Isle Royale" 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Pomegranate Charley Harper "Isle Royale" 1000 Piece Puzzle

Pomegranate has created puzzles from many of the works of art by the American artist Charley Harper. Harper lived from 1922-2007 and used simple geometric shapes, patterns, and vivid colors in his work, a style he defined as “minimal realism”. Harper grew up on a farm in rural West Virginia and was a lifelong conservationist. His love of nature is clear from his body of work based on nature. Harper created more than 50 posters for parks, conservation areas and natural areas around the US, including Isle Royale National Park, Michigan in 1979. The park, established in 1940, spans a large wilderness island and more than 450 smaller islands in Lake Superior. It’s home to wolves, moose, and a wide variety of birds, a few of which Harper has perched amid the birches in this poster. The artworks for his park posters—massive, requiring a year each to paint—showcase Harper’s skill in depicting entire ecosystems by using simple shapes and patterns, and vivid colors.

Finished Puzzle size: 20 x 29 in.
Box size: 10 x 13 x 1⅞ in.
Pomegranate Item Number AA982

SKU 9780764978524