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Sai Watercolor Brush Pens- Autumn Color Set of 5 (set C)

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Sai Watercolor Brush Pens- set of 5- Autumn Color Set (set C)

This set of five flexible-tipped watercolor brush pens are the perfect for the artist on the go. There are five different 5-color sets so you can choose the color range to take along. Or take them all! Enjoy a wide range of colors right from the pens, or blend and layer colors to your heart's content! Flexible tipped pens allow for very thin lines or wide swaths of color. These versatile brush pens can place solid, dense colors on your paper, or diluted, transparent washes across the page- just dip the tip in water and you can wash the page with color. This set of 5 pens is housed in a plastic tray with outer snap-closure case for protection and ease of access. The set includes pens in vermilion, yellow, ultramarine, purple, and burnt umber. Also available in a box of 20 pens, including all colors available.

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