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Lift & Pinch PIPEROID

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Lift & Pinch PIPEROID: Robot Beetles
Lift is a man of great strength but with rather straightforward personality. He is so self-confident that he always believes he is a champion of all kinds. As for Pinch, he has both the technique and agility is quick in devising a stratagem. The two good rivals share the same thought --- "flavor of victory is a taste of honey". When summer is near, the burning urge to battle starts to stir for no reason.

Assemble your own PIPEROID, a Japanese paper robot. Each PIPEROID has its own story. These paper robots are a toy and craft at the same time. Use the paper pipes with pre-made holes and marks to cut, fold and connect without glue or tape. The only tools you need are a pair of scissors and your imagination to bring your robot to life. Explore our selection of PIPEROIDs to collect them all. They are a perfect activity or gift for people of all ages.